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We are creating a global family of men and women around the world united by the vision of Nikola Tesla.

“Energy will belong to everyone, like the air we breathe.” – Nikola Tesla

This commemorative coin is in tribute to the legend himself, Nikola Tesla, and in celebration of the beginning of THE NEW ENERGY INDUSTRY.

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Together with The Resonance Academy we are proud to announce the arrival of the first ever certification course in Unified Physics.  This landmark course will guide you through the physics revolution, while opening up your eyes to a future beyond our wildest imagination.

Outline of 6 Module Certification Course:

1. World View
2. Think Different 
3. Modern Physics
4. Unified Physics
5. Ancient Origins 
6. Implications and Applications

Module 6 (Implications and Applications), this is the most exciting part as this is where we learn about THE NEW ENERGY INDUSTRY.

If you enjoy learning about quantum physics, cosmology, science and discovery you are sure to Love this introductory course in Unified Physics.  Designed both for the novice learner who wants to stay on the cutting edge of science, as well as for the professional physicists and engineers who are eager to explore this revolution underway in Unified Physics.

Launching Spring 2015!

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