Question:  Why does the Galaxy spin?

Answer:  Torque in the fabric of space-time!

New Discovery: Unlimited clean energy throughout the entire universe!

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The world is about to change in far-reaching and unimaginable ways, and it’s our goal to help guide you through this change in a way that’s fun and easy to understand.   Check out our free online learning network to get started and to Learn More Now.

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New Proton: Recent experiments have proven that the proton is 4% smaller than we thought it was!  This means the foundation of physics is changing in a big way!  And, the beautiful thing about this new discovery is that it is really easy to understand.  Simply read this short article about this new discovery and learn about how the world is about to change in far-reaching and unimaginable ways!   Click Here: Scientific Revolution!


What is the next BIG scientific discovery?  Answer: gravity!
As of yet, science has no idea what gravity is or where it comes from.  We know how to measure gravity and how to calculate the force required to escape earths gravitational field, but, as of yet, we have no idea how to create gravity in a laboratory.  Until now!  Understanding gravity is the next BIG scientific discovery and it’s giving birth to a new form of energy technology.  Magrav Technology!  Click Here to Learn More!

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