The Scientific Revolution Has Arrived.

Our society cannot burn coal and oil forever.  Not only do these sources of energy pollute our air and water, but our planet will eventually run out of them.  There has to be a better way – a breakthrough, revolutionary way of understanding ENERGY that will lead to some technological advancements beyond our wildest imagination.

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A New Discovery! 



Ep 02. dearMoon & SpaceX. An awe-inspiring art project.   "An awe-inspiring, global, universal art project is about to begin." #dearMoon In this second episode, we’re talking about the www.dearMoon.Earth “art project” — the greatest, biggest, most insanely...

Podcast Ep.01 What’s This About?

THE NEW ENERGY INDUSTRY -- Information for a Scientific Revolution In this first episode, we talk about The New Energy Industry as a whole and touch on some of the topics we plan to explore in this series. These include the...

Master Plan

We are on a quest to discover and popularize the universal spin mechanics of the proton in order to resolve the global energy crisis and bring forward a new era of galactic space exploration beyond our wildest imagination.

2012-2016 Website Articles at a Glance: Index of Website Pages and Articles: The Learning Network Subscribe Now - Stay Informed a. Mass Ratio | The Proton Problem There's Torque in the fabric of space-time. b. New Energy 101 There's Torque in the fabric of space-time....