Our society cannot burn coal and oil forever.  Not only do these sources of energy pollute our air and water, but our planet will eventually run out of them.  There has to be a better way – a breakthrough, revolutionary way of understanding ENERGY that will lead to some technological advancements beyond our wildest imagination.

The Scientific Revolution Has Arrived.

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A New Discovery! 





We Believe in New Energy Technology

1. Mission Summary: We believe energy is at the foundation of all global sustainable initiatives on this planet.  With that, resolving our “global energy crisis” is the single most important task our generation will accomplish. The New Energy Industry is an...

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

 Frequently Ask Questions:   Q:  What exactly does THE NEW ENERGY INDUSTRY, do? A:  Our goal is to tell as many people as possible about the exciting scientific breakthroughs happening all around the world. THE NEW ENERGY INDUSTRY is an educational organization -...

Podcast: Generation-WHY and THE NEW ENERGY INDUSTRY

Below is a short 28 minute video-podcast interview between Andrew, the host of Generation whY radio show, and Josh, Director of The New Energy Industry. Generation whY was ranked by Forbes as the #1 most educational show in the country. We're Talking About Galactic...

Magrav Technology CD

Magrav Technology CD Version 01 (Full Patents and Papers) This CD is a compilation of the most revolutionary scientific information on the planet today. In this CD you will find the Full Patents for Magrav Technology, and you will find the award-winning Physics Papers...

Join The Revolution (Science!)

"Harnessing this Torque will provide mankind with a clean, sustainable and limitless sources of energy to power our homes, our vehicles and even our travel to the Stars.” Josh - Director The New Energy IndustryScience is continually making new discoveries that change...

Scientific Revolution Has Begun

First, Isaac Newton Then, Albert Einstein Now, Nassim Haramein   The Scientific Revolution Has Begun With all of this craziness developing and unfolding around the world today, we often hear words of Revolution, and yes,  I would like to jump on the bandwagon and...

Magrav Technology – Video

Video Summary: In this video, we look to history to compare the present-day development of Magrav Technology to the historical development of Electrodynamics. Looking to history, In short, over 200 years ago the first electric motor was invented by Michael Faraday,...

Ep 02. dearMoon & SpaceX. An awe-inspiring art project.

https://youtu.be/ZVPQVuAnKdg https://youtu.be/7wrk5u8FgbM Elon Musk and Yusaku Maezawa (MZ) have made a deal with SpaceX to take 7 artists to the moon, to deep space, and back again!  This is the most audacious, awe-inspiring, global, universal art project the world...

Ep.01 What’s This About? – THE NEW ENERGY INDUSTRY

THE NEW ENERGY INDUSTRY -- Information for a Scientific Revolution https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahlv_mtppCc In this first episode, we talk about The New Energy Industry as a whole and touch on some of the topics we plan to explore in this series. These include the...

Master Plan

We are on a quest to discover and popularize the universal spin mechanics of the proton in order to resolve the global energy crisis and bring forward a new era of galactic space exploration beyond our wildest imagination.

Podcast: Empowering The New Energy Industry

Greeting Impressive People,
I wanted to share with you this PODCAST with you.
A conversation between Josh, Director of The New Energy Industry.com, and Sierra Neblina host of GalacticU Radio.

Empowering The New Energy Industry!
“It’s was like 10 TEDTalks back to back.”

Another Way

If we change the way we think about “Energy,” the world will change as a result.

In this article I bring to the light of day the fact that “Energy is at the root of all of our global sustainable initiatives”. I then touch upon the difference between the electron theory in electrodynamics vs. that of particle physics – the difference being that of a “material view,” vs., an “energetic view” of the universe

For the purpose of explaining, simply, the new energy paradigm that is spreading within the scientific community. . (read more)