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This Founder’s Coin unites us all around the world

In Tribute to Nikola Tesla

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A Global Movement

With Founder’s in 55 Countries!

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Madagascar, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Paraguay, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States


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Have you ever wanted

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to making the world

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This is your opportunity!

Bob Jackson Miner – United States

Scot Vrolyk – United States

Victor Apsis – Bulgaria

Mark Johnson – United States

Mitchell Beckwith – Australia

Pierre Delage – Canada

Zdzislaw Swiatlak-Gniatkowski – United Kingdom

Nicos Nicolaou – United States

Isaac Berry – United States

Mark Erb – United States


Kayla Aguiar – United States

Angel Luis Hernandez – Puerto Rico

Graham Clarke – United Kingdom

Joel Ferry – France

Ehsan AghaBaba – Bahrain

Robert Perkins – United States

Somasundaram Sivasubramanian – United Arab Emirates

Mohammed Afif – Denmark

Margot Roode – Canada

Graham Rodwell – Australia

Veroni Zwart – Netherlands

Tim Hoeffel – United States

Jeniffer Baulne – Canada

Dennis D Boles – United States

Carol A Julien – United States

Don Smith – United States

Josh Clark – United States

Thomas Levesque – United States

Zohaib Jaliawala – United States

Patrick O Connor – Ireland

Alan Stevenson – Australia

Arjan van Gameren – Netherlands

John Willy Rakotoarimanana – Madagascar

Harry Fischer – Germany

David White – United States

D Cameron Jensen – United States

Martina Tessema – Canada

Ralph Huntington – United States

Forest Thierry – France

Maria Grigoraki – Greece

Garel Sebastien – France

David Sloss – Canada

Starr MacKinnon PhD – United States

Rok Sivante – Indonesia

Asen Dimitrov – Bulgaria

Pedro Garcia, Antonio Bardella – Brazil

Richard Seelye – United States

Robert Seaward – United States

John Barry -United Kingdom

Roman Czyrek – Poland


Herman Mentink – Netherlands

Stella Lindblom – Sweden

Boris Velcicky – Slovakia

Alexander Sendzimir – United States

Robert Cafarelli – United States

Kay Causey – United States

Michael Stickelman – United States

Anthony Wilkas – United States

Kerry Kelly – United States

Kenn Kausmeyer – United States

Don Calhoun – United States

Eric Dirix – Belgium

Sabina COLLING – Belgium

Giesbert Nijhuis – Netherlands

Anthony J. Vojtisek Jr – United States

Jeong Hong Park – South Korea

Kurt Swan – Canada

Mark Cooper – United States

HK KLAU – Hong Kong

Cornelia Kopp – Germany

Adam Berczes – Hungary

Luca Perti – Italy

Michele Vojtisek – United States

Stephen Attrell – United Kingdom

David Ballew – United States

Johannes Klotz – Germany

Barbara Matthews – United States

David Grodjesk – United States

Greg Phillips – United States

Lane Tharp – United States

Cliff Lind Hjulskov – Denmark

Keith Ralfs – Australia

Philippe Mehel – Australia

Samuele Caraccioli – Italy

Bjorn Larsen – Australia

Carlos Gil Navedo – Puerto Rico

John Argast – Canada

Christopher Harper – United States

Gerhard Snyman – South Africa

Peter Savage – New Zealand

YamagataMamurogawa67 Kawanouchi – Japan

Beatrice Sulser – Switzerland

Richard Karlsson – Germany

Christian Büttner – Switzerland

David Hill – Australia

Hans Vanstaen – Belgium

Einar Haver – United States

Penelope Torribio – United States

Stanislav Magic – Croatia

Stefano Zuffanelli – Sweden

Bernardo Becerra – Mexico

Kai Tang – Belgium

Joseph Hoffman – United States

Inchul Kim – South Korea

Christian Escobar P. – Chile

Tong KIN LUN – Hong Kong

Julio Neira – Chile

Michel Beluet – Canada

Branislav Krsak – Slovakia

Bernard Konkin x2 – Canada

Nejdet Kiral – Turkey

Carlos Sanchez Axline – Mexico

Glenn Trauth – United States

Karl Eisenhammer – United States

Daniel Douglass – United States

Terje Wulfsberg – Norway

Anna von Reitz – United States

Max Begré – Switzerland

Tsai Shu-Fu – Taiwan

Giacomo Quagliotti – Italy

Jeffrey Goodman – United States

Timothy Ruiz – United States

Teslacoin Community – United States

Karl Zimmer – United States

Ewa Stasica – Poland

Héctor Villanueva – Mexico

Kenneth Odom – United States

Brad Stec – United States

Johannes Ludeweus Theodorus Wolthuis – Netherlands

Melkan Thomas – United States

Brian Michael Aloysius  Glassett – United States

Nick Johnson – United States

Joshua Thomas Vojtisek – United States

“I became a Founder because I believe a new energy revolution is coming and I want to contribute to it!”

~ Staffan, Sweden

“I definitely feel more connected, excited and optimistic about our future.   It’s nice to see people converging positively on intelligent things, for the betterment of the whole planet.”

~ Simone, Italy

“I became a founder because I would like to see a real and profound change towards harmony in the world.  Establishing a widespread program to educate as many people as possible about the nature and availability of new energy devices and magrav technology is a huge step in achieving that!

The Founder’s Coin is beautiful, the size and weight feel really nice.   Nikola Tesla was an amazing human being and it’s nice to be reminded of him.

Plus having a Torus in your pocket can Only Be Good!”

~ Martin, Germany

“I so fully believe in MAGRAV technology. It’s time to side-step combustion engines and step into the future that is our birthright.

Supporting THE NEW ENERGY INDUSTRY is the best path forward for me. All of us who support this work are building the future together!

Carrying the Tesla Coin around with me reminds me that we can go so much further than we have been led to believe. We are of the stars – it’s time we realize that and follow our path to heal this earth and then return to the stars.”

~ Karl, The United States