I agree that much of the technology should be open source to ensure dissemination.

With that, Mehran Keshe, inventor of the Keshe Plasma Generator did have many of his patents online for others to freely access and experiment with – now they are in his book(s) (The Universal Order of Creations of Matters) to help fund operations of the Keshe Foundation – such as the recent launching of the SpaceshipInstitute.org which is an educational institution with a plan to teach the knowledge and principles behind the workings of the Keshe Plasma Generator to scientists from around the world – who then, as apart of the program, will be teaching their nations what they are learning in real time.

In other words it’s a teacher trainer program for the application of Keshe’s theory of the creation of gravity and magnetic fields, and it’s pretty exciting. To read more about the Spaceship Institute click on the image below.

Click to read the brochure of the spaceship institute

Other then that, you can buy this book: Free Energy Generation: Circuits and Schematics. I have it but in order to understand its contents you have to have a solid foundation of electrodynamics vocabulary.

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 1.34.09 PM


Other then that, inventions like the Searl Effect Generator require hundreds of precision engineered magnets and other components with the magnets being uniquely magnetized with precise wave functions. A process the requires very expensive engineering equipment as well as a wealth of technical knowledge.
The good new is that Fernando Morris (CEO & Chief Engineer at Searl Magnetics) has the knowledge and equipment to develop this technology for mass production. At which point, the technical knowledge behind the generator will begin to spill over into mainstream universities and other scientific communities to be developed further.

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It is an exciting time in the world of Energy. We have millions of people around the world who know of, and are ready for, the application of unlimited universal energy devices. Yet we also have millions of people all over the world who firmly believe that any such concept is impossible.  With that, we also have billions of people who are indifferent and/or completely in the dark on the topic.

The goal of TheNewEnergyIndustry.com (this site) is to promote and educate the layman, as well as technicians, on many different forms of new energy technology so that the notion of unlimited universal energy is more enchanting and exciting, as opposed to being “impossible.”
It is only a matter of time before we on the planet reach critical mass of conscious awareness of new energy sources, thus reaching a tipping point and enabling the new energy paradigm to start a revolution within our energy infrastructure, and thus our entire economy and society.

After all, energy is at the foundation of our economy and thus our modern society. If we have an energy infrastructure that is dirty, dangerous and expensive, that will manifest as crisis around the planet (hence our current state of affaires).
On the other hand, if we have an energy infrastructure that is designed in accord with the laws nature (which is breakthrough forms of energy technology) that too will influence our entire economy and thus all of society.

The take away point is that we are on the cusp of a “paradigm shift” in the world of science and electrical engineering. A tipping point that promises to “wash the entire planet in new energy.” And it keeps me up at night with excitement and anticipation 🙂