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Assistant Director

The role of Assistant Director  requires a breadth of honed cross-functional skills as responsibilities include a wide range administrative duties; writing and editing of educational and press material; scheduling interviews; making travel, meeting and event arrangements; preparing reports and financial data; training and supervising other support staff.

This role requires strong Computer and Internet research skills, flexibility, excellent interpersonal skills, project coordination experience, and the ability to perform well during a multitude of developing circumstances.

Director of Video Production

Under general direction, the director or video production plans and facilitates studio and field-based video production, including the planning, filming, editing, animating, sound mixing, graphic design and compression output of a wide range of motion video experiences.

Director of Social Media

Purpose to increase online awareness, to ensure that The New Energy Industry is reaching the largest possible audience here on planet Earth.


Director of Information Technology

The director of IT is responsible for providing and ensuring a best-in-class IT Infrastructure operation in support of The New Energy Industry’s business objectives, client solutions, security and regulatory requirements.

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Joshua Thomas Vojtisek – Entrepreneur,

Greetings Impressive People,Joshua Thomas Vojtisek
My name is Josh and I am a Veteran of the US Marine Corps, a graduate of Sustainable Living, an entrepreneur, an artist and the Director of THE NEW ENERGY INDUSTRY.

My goal with this project is to end the global energy crisis and resolve climate change, while at the same time, ushering in a new era of galactic space exploration.

In order to do this we must promote and empower the scientists and the technologies that are pioneering the most advance, cutting edge, clean energy technologies on the planet today – such as Nassim Haramein with The Resonance Project, Mehran Keshe with The Spaceship Institute, and John Searl with Searl Magnetics.

The world is about to change in far-reaching and unimaginable ways, and this is only the beginning.

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Dara Craul – Assistant Director

Dara Craul

I am an educator and consultant in Sustainable and Native landscape management, music teacher, connector, researcher and visionary.

I became part of The New Energy Industry because I wanted to help spearhead a movement that not only brings the knowledge together of the most up-to-date and sophisticated technologies, but most importantly raises awareness of these new and becoming technologies through education.

It is my goal to assist this planet in opening the door to a brighter future, and together, we can truly make this world a better place for everyone. The future is here, it’s Magrav Technology and The New Energy Industry!


Matt Pulver – Research Physicist / Mathematician


My love for a philosophical understanding of the nature of consciousness and existence has motivated me to study Eastern philosophy balanced by Western science.

Though I have been in academia long enough to receive two bachelor of science degrees in both math and physics with published research in quantum computing, I left after experiencing the extent to which academic research is controlled by the available funding sources.

Those who control the funding of an academic field also control its direction.  In order to suppress the technologies of energy independence, so must the physics upon which they depend.

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 1.24.12 PM
Therefore I have been and continue to independently investigate alternative physics models that can potentially give us greater understanding of ourselves, the Universe, and ways in which to live in abundance and harmony with nature.