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We are on a quest to discover and popularize the universal spin mechanics of the proton in order to resolve the global energy crisis while ushering in a new era of galactic space exploration.

Protons are fundamental. They identify the atomic number for each element on the periodic table. However, with the proton radius puzzle and the proton spin crisis, it is clear very little is actually known about the proton. It is our mission to change this; with clarity comes innovation and the opportunity to change the world in far-reaching and unimaginable ways.


2017-2027  Work with HeroX and the XPRIZE Foundation to launch a Breakthrough Energy XPRIZE Competition focused on resolving the proton problem and taking physics to the next level while resolving the global energy crisis in one fell swoop.

2017-2022  Connect with leading universities and physicists around the world regarding the proton problem, and work to open-source this scientific revolution.

2017-2025  Publish a book and documentary teaching these new physics concepts to people of all ages and backgrounds.

2017-2027  Bring to market a technological new energy device that breaks the current known laws of physics and is based on the universal spin mechanics of the proton.

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Articles at a Glance

To get a glimpse into our master plan, please have a look at the articles below and discover why now is the perfect time to join the scientific revolution.

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