“Harnessing this Torque will provide mankind with a clean,
sustainable and limitless sources of energy to power our homes,
our vehicles and even our travel to the Stars.”

– Director
The New Energy Industry

Science is continually making new discoveries that change the way we live in the world, however, some discoveries are so impressive that they spur a Revolution in the world of science and leave no aspect of our lives untouched.

Throughout history, Scientific Revolutions tend to sneak up on people completely unnoticed.  In fact, there is a one happening right now on this planet that few people know about – and it’s called Magrav Technology.

The word MAGRAV is a combination of the words MAgnetic and GRAVitational, and Magrav Technology is the ability to harness the Torque within all Magrav Fields.

Albert Einstein formulated the equations that describe Gravity as warped space-time.  Recent discoveries have revealed that there is a fundamental Torque inherent within the fabric of space-time.

This is why Magrav Technology is referred to as “Einstein with a Twist,” because it literally means Einstein Field Equations with Torque calculations added to them.

Also, this discovery explains why and how and the Earth, the Solar System, the Galaxy and even the Atoms within your body SPINS for billions and trillions a years.

Now here’s the exciting part.  Harnessing this Torque will provide mankind with clean, sustainable and limitless sources of energy to power our homes, our vehicles and even our travel to the Stars.

You may not have heard or read about this Scientific Revolution in the daily news, but there are now hundreds of scientists all around the world working to develop this amazing new technology.

With that being said, the Mission of The New Energy Industry is to educate you about Magrav Technology while keeping you abreast of the latest developments within this exciting new industry.

The Revolution has begun.  Now that you know about it, be a part of the change!

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With combustion technology, we are very close to destroying the Earth.  So we don’t have much time.  The more people become aware of the existence of Magrav technology, the less possible it will be to stop its development.

The internet gives us the power to spread this information around the world.  So let’s do it!

Let’s change the world for a more beautiful one!

Also, the Nikola Tesla coin is fantastic and I know it will be a lucky one for me  🙂

- Ewa, Poland (Founder)

I would like to see a real and profound change towards harmony in the world.

Establishing a widespread program to educate as many people as possible about the nature and availability of new energy technology is a huge step in achieving that!

- Martin, Germany (Founder)