GANS, Too Bad It’s Not Real…

Here is a quick update on the mad scientist Mehran Keshe, from the Keshe Foundation who claims to have discovered a new material (GANS) that is going to revolutionize the entire world – or not…


Gans is an acronym and stands for Gas in a Nano-Solid State. For example, CO2 is a gas, we exhale it, it spews from our cars, our power plants, and it is causing global warming. GANS is atmospheric CO2 sequestered into a solid at normal room temperature and pressure – impressive!

Normally, if you want to turn CO2 into a solid, we have to either freeze it (dry ice is frozen CO2) or we have to put it under very high pressure, both of which require a lot of energy to do so. If we want to turn CO2 into a solid at normal pressure and temperature, well then, we are going to need some serious magic – which is where Keshe comes into play.

With Keshe’s new discovery, we can sequester atmospheric CO2, reverse global warming, and use this new GANS material to revolutionize the entire world! That’s what I’m talking about. Too bad it’s NOT real.

GANS Test Results

I purchased a GANS CO2 collection kit, made some of this material, and shipped it to a laboratory to have it tested. The lab conducted an X-RAY DIFFRACTION to look at its ATOMS, as well as an X-RAY FLUORESCENCE to see its COMPOUNDS.

After a thousand dollars of professional atomic testing, the results are clear. This material is Zinc Carbonate and other Zinc compounds. It is not CO2 (carbon dioxide), nor is it any more impressive than sunscreen. (What the heck Keshe?)

To get clarity, I emailed the Keshe Foundation with the results and Mehran Keshe himself then replied by saying:

Keshe, Email, Gans,
What’s crazy about this email, Keshe directly contradicts the “scientific paper” he wrote describing the process where he states a few times that it requires no energy input to create this new CO2 material.

Then, he says that I need an RSC to confirm this test result. Unless he is talking about the Royal Society of Chemistry (who would debunk the s*** out of this) I don’t know what he’s talking about, there is no RSC test.

Now, I very badly wanted these test results to come back with positive, exciting, revolutionary results! However, it just seems to be a bunch of hogwash, which now begs the question Is everything Keshe says hogwash? I hope not, however, I can no longer trust his words – and I advise you do not either.

*We cannot let blind faith substitute the scientific method. We must uphold the highest standards of scientific integrity. This is paramount in both highlighting new discoveries, as well as spotlighting serious problems.  

Now, digressing from Keshe. There is a new serious problem arising, and this time it comes from the mainstream physics community. True story, you may have heard of it, the proton problem.  

What’s that? We have recently discovered that our measurement for the radius of the proton (that we made a hundred years ago) was way off, and thus the entire standard model of modern physics, which is based upon it, is starting to crumble because of this discrepancy.  

Really exciting stuff, and a huge opportunity for scientific advancement.
Check it out: The Proton Problem | Mass Ratio | A Scientific Revolution!

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