Frequently Ask Questions:


Q:  What exactly does THE NEW ENERGY INDUSTRY, do?

A:  Our goal is to tell as many people as possible about the exciting scientific breakthroughs happening all around the world.

THE NEW ENERGY INDUSTRY is an educational organization – we produce educational video teaching the basic principles of this new technology while promoting the scientific revolution currently underway in physics.

Q: What exactly is Magrav Technology?

A:   Put simply, Magrav in an acronym combining the words Gravity with Magnetism. This “Magrav” technology is based on unifying the for forces of nature (gravity with magnetism) physics and it describes our ability to harness magnetic and, more importantly, gravitational fields for everyday uses – such as sustainable transportation and clean energy generation.

Magrav technology: magnetic and gravitational field technology.

Q:  What “new discovery in Physics?”

A:    Based on the new proton measurement, physics is now realizing that gravity is the strongest force in the universe (and not the mysterious “strong force” as was previously accepted), and this discovery has started a revolution in physics!


In addition to this new proton discovery, Physics is now realizing that there is a fundamental torque in the fabric of space-time, and this torque has real physical effects on the material world (it pushes things around).

This fundamental torque in the fabric of space-time now explains why galaxies and even our atoms “spin,” effortlessly, for billions of years – they are pushed along the fabric of space-time via this fundamental torque.

Nassim haramein

There’s torque in the fabric of space-time.

Q:  Ok then, what is the “new discovery in Engineering?”

A:    Now that we understand the fact that torque is a fundamental force of nature, we can now build generators that are able to tap into this fundamental torque in the fabric of space-time.

The fabric of space-time exerts a force on the material world which makes things spin.  Now, we can tap into this force, this Torque, for clean energy generation and sustainable transportation both on and off this planet.




Q:  Are there currently any Examples of such Generators being developed today?

A:    Yes there are:

Generator One:
Keshe Plasma Generator (seen in the image above): The nuclear engineer, Mehran T. Keshe has recently open-sourced his patents for gravitational and energy systems – the full patents for this technology are included within the Magrav Technology CD.

Mehran Keshe, the inventor, is now in the process of teaching this emergent technology to the world via a teacher-trainer program at the Spaceship Institute in Italy.

Generator Two:
Searl Effect Generator: The honorary professor of mathematics, John Searl has developed the Searl Effect Generator, and the team at Searl Magnetics in California is currently refining this form of Magrav Technology and preparing it for mass production.

For more detailed information about these two generators please watch this video:
Magrav Technology Epic Presentation:

Q: What are the Practical Applications of these Generators?

A:   Put simply, Magrav technology offers a full alternative to combustion technology.

We currently use combustion technology to harness the energy required for lift, drive, and energy generation.

Now that we understand our ability to tap into the torque within the fabric of spacetime, we can use this torque for lift, drive, and energy generation, thus, rendering combustion technology obsolete.   Similar to how the floppy-disk was made obsolete by advancements in technology.

Q: How can I stay informed on the development of Magrav Technology?

A:  That is exactly what we do at  THE NEW ENERGY INDUSTRY:

By joining the FREE Learning Network you will receive every episode of our educational video series directly to your email inbox as they are produced.

We intend on traveling to all of the advanced-energy laboratories, around the world, to produce fun YouTube videos showcasing the scientists and engineers who are forever changing the way we think about Energy!

Q:  How Exactly does THE NEW ENERGY INDUSTRY make money?

A:   This entire project is in tribute to the legend himself, Nikola Tesla.

To commemorate the life and the legacy of Nikola Tesla, we have sculpted the Founder’s Coin for THE NEW ENERGY INDUSTRY.   “The new energy industry” represents Tesla’s vision of a world powered completely by free, clean, sustainable energy, and this Founder’s Coin signifies our dedication to making this vision a reality!

If you appreciate the work we are doing, please, set the intention within yourself and become a Founder of THE NEW ENERGY INDUSTRY today, because it’s time to change the world!