THE NEW ENERGY INDUSTRY — Information for a Scientific Revolution

In this first episode, we talk about The New Energy Industry as a whole and touch on some of the topics we plan to explore in this series. These include the personal and collective evolution of humanity, the future of space exploration, some of the new developments in physics, and other aspects of the scientific revolution that is currently underway!


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Topics in this episode:

– How does one find 3-meteorites with their bare eyeballs?

–  What Scientific Revolution? #Gravity #UnifiedPhysics #StrongForce

–  The Importance of Sustainability. We love the planet.

–  History of Science and Fun Thing and jokes.

–  Personal paradigm shifting and how we “see the world.”

–  #DearMoon,  Landing rockets, the most impressive thing!

–  Electric cars with autopilot and artificial intelligence, the future is here!

–  Quantum physics and the “magical” realm we live in.

–  Gravity, and the next generation of spaceship technology.

–  Fake News! What are you talking about?!?

–  The importance of science, and faith, if you will.

–  Nikola Tesla Founders Coin

–  @joshvojtisek

–  @bg_the_tknoyogi

–  We’re stealing the Latin slogan from Blue Origin. LOL – Gradatim Ferociter (“Step by step ferociously”)

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Double Slit Experiment



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