Greetings Impressive People,


My name is Josh and I would like to take a quick moment to tell you about how THE NEW ENERGY INDUSTRY came to be, where we are going, and most importantly, How we are going to get there. 

I remember it like it was yesterday.  I had already been out of the Marines for six years and was just about to graduate from college with a degree in Sustainable Living.  It was my 28th birthday and I was talking on the phone with my mother when she asked me that dreaded question, “Now that you’re about to graduate, what are your plans for the future?  What are you REALLY going to do with your life?”

Good question! But how do I explain to my mother that I really wanted to do something a “little” unconventional…

You see, after spending four years in the Marines, including time in Iraq, I felt strongly that I wanted to make a positive contribution to the world.  Over the years I had developed a strong passion for breakthrough energy technologies that have the potential to change the entire world.  I realized that THAT was what I really wanted to do with my life – make NEW ENERGY a reality.

I explained all this to my mother, but she was a bit confused, “What do you mean ‘new energy’, are you talking about solar panels?”  I said, “No, not solar panels. I’m talking about the most advanced form of energy technology on the planet today, I’m talking about Magrav Technology!”

She paused for a second, “So you’re not going to get a job?..”  I laughed and replied, “No mom, but I Am going to create my own job…a job that’s going to help grow and empower the new energy industry, because this technology is what’s REALLY going to change the world!”

Like any mother, mine feared for the worst!  But I’m happy to report that she’s now believes wholeheartedly in this project and is one of my biggest supporters.

That’s how it all started.

Now, it is my pleasure to Welcome you to THE NEW ENERGY INDUSTRY, an educational marketing organization dedicated to spurring research, development and distribution of Magrav Technology.  With our purpose being to end the global energy crisis, resolve climate change and usher in a new era of galactic space exploration – all of which is possible with Magrav Technology.

Now that you know WHERE we are going, the question remains, HOW are we going to get there?

Our goal is to help spur the development of practical applications of Magrav Technology, which will include energy generators, spacecraft and even innovative toys designed for the younger generation (like hover-boards).

In order to achieve this we have a 3-Phase Action Plan:

Phase 1 is Education. The principle of TORQUE is the basis of Magrav Technology, which has the potential to change every aspect of life on Earth.  Everyone needs to hear about it! Our Mission is to market and educate people on the basic principles of Magrav Technology.  More generally, our mission is to spread the word – globally.

We want to create a wave of academic research and development that will deepen our understanding and speed up the acceptance of Magrav Technology around the world.  To learn more and to receive updates in the future, be sure to Subscribe to our free online Learning Network.

Phase 2 is Demonstration. We are now connecting with industry leaders from all around the world to help market, promote and fund a series of live demonstrations showing the true potential of Magrav Technology.

* Plans for these demonstrations will be released in the near future.  Be sure to Subscribe to our Learning Network to be notified.

Phase 3 is Distribution. Once we have effectively demonstrated the potential of Magrav Technology, we will begin efforts to distribute Magrav devices to select university research and development laboratories around the world.  Again, it all starts with education and it is paramount that we get this new technology into university laboratories first.  From there, Magrav devices (in many forms) will begin to be introduced into the global marketplace.

1-Education, 2-Demonstration and 3-Distribution.

We cannot do this work alone.  We need the support of people like you, from all around the world, who share this vision.  Subscribe to our Free online Learning Network and support this work by purchasing your own Founders Coin.

All proceeds from our Founder’s Coin campaign go towards the 3-Phase Action Plan: Education, Demonstration and Distribution.


We live in extraordinary times.  The problems that are confronting mankind may seem insurmountable, but Magrav Technology holds the promise of eliminating most of them.  We just need to have the Will to proceed.


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Thank you,
Peace abound,
and I’ll see you in the future,
Josh, Director

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